Aircraft Wanted

ASA is Actively Seeking the Following Aircraft

Aircraft Sales Advisor is actively seeking the following aircraft for our clients. If your aircraft meets our criteria listed below, and you would be interested in selling, please contact us to discuss the possibility. We are always happy to work with other brokers but please ensure the aircraft is off-market.

Wanted: Citation Mustang
2007-2009 with fewer than 1500 TT. Must be on CESCOM. PowerAdvantage+ or JSSI and ProParts preferred. G1000 Avionics Suite preferred. No damage history. Prefer aircraft in excellent condition; will consider aircraft in need of paint/interior with a corresponding reduction in asking price.

Wanted: KingAir F90-1 or Blackhawk Conversion     
1983-1985 with 8000 TT or less. Prefer aircraft that needs paint and interior.  No damage history, all other equipment, conditions, etc will be considered.

Wanted: Conquest I -135
Any year Conquest I with -135 engine upgrade. Must have excellent maintenance history. No damage history. All other equipment, conditions, etc will be considered.

Wanted: KingAir B200
1981-1995 with year-appropriate total time. Prefer Raisbeck-modded aircraft, particularly wing lockers, but not required. Prefer upgraded avionics with moving map but again, not required. P&I in any condition as long as its matched to asking price. Aircraft must have excellent maintenance records, no damage history. Possible deal on KingAir straight 200.

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