Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Final Steps to Buying or Selling a Jet or Turboprop Aircraft - Step 9 of 9

Hello Jake Huling here with Aircraft Sales Advisor, and welcome to the ninth and final video report in this series called, 9 Steps to a Successful Sale or Purchase of Your Plane, which by the way, because of requests, we are working on turning into a book/manual that you can refer to, so that is exciting. 

In the last report we talked about all the information you’ll need to gather together and have ready for the sale of your current plane, and the information you should be asking for when you’re looking at a potential plane to purchase. We also covered what a good professional spec sheet should look like and the information that should be included in one that you are making or requesting.

So now let me congratulate you because if you’ve been following us from the beginning of this particular series we are almost there, and at this point we can start talking about actual offers, a very exciting part of the buying and selling process. And we’ll take a look at both offers you are receiving for the plane you are selling, and offers on a plane you are hoping to purchase. We’ll also talk about the good and bad of a Pre Purchase Inspection and what you must avoid during one at all cost. And lastly we will talk about recruiting help, whether or not you actually need help, and if you do how to find the right help.

Ah, the offer. Whether giving or receiving one, its the very thing we’ve been working toward from the beginning. This can be the most exciting and at the same time frustrating and even nerve racking part of the whole process. What’s makes the difference? Well a lot of what makes the difference between being excited or frustrated is whether or not you were prepared and had proper expectations, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a purchase or a sale, it’s all about preparation and proper expectations, I’m telling ya, that is the key.