Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What You Should Know about the Used Aircraft Market. Step 7 of 9.

Three Things About the Used Aircraft Market You Need to Know. 

Hello Jake Huling here with Aircraft Sales Advisor. I’d like to welcome you to the seventh video report in a new series called, 9 Steps to a Successful Sale or Purchase of Your Plane.

In the last report we covered Setting Aircraft Budgets, realistic expectations, and the three most common mistakes sellers and buyers make in that area. In addition to that, we talked about the importance of keeping your eye on the trade difference, when both selling and buying a plane. And I explained to you what in the world a build plane was?

In today’s report we’re going to look at the used aircraft market, and I am going to show you three important pieces of information you'll need to know in order to determine an accurate value of your current plane, and to find out what your next plane will actually cost. This information combined will give you what you need to know, in order to determine an accurate value of your current plane, and to know what you should really be paying for your next plane.

So let’s get right to it.

First let’s start by taking a look at advertised aircraft, because this is really where most people will start their search.

These are planes that anyone can find because they're advertised on many of the popular listing sites like Controller. And these are the same Aircraft Listing Sites that I covered in the last report, when we looked at some of the common mistakes buyers and sellers make when looking at aircraft on these sites. 

Now, the planes you'll find on these sites are listed by both brokers and owners and there’s a few things we can learn from the information that’s available to us on these sites.